Adopting a Child

How You Can Still Have A Relationship With Your Baby After Adoption

One of the hardest decisions you can make is deciding whether you should put your baby up for adoption. You may feel that you are giving up on your baby. But you are actually giving your baby a better life. You do not even have to be out of your baby's life because there are many programs available that provide you with opportunities to stay in contact with your child.

How Adoption Has Changed Over The Years

Adoption is very different from what was done in the past. It used to be that the birth mother simply handed her baby to an adoption agency to never see her baby again. Today, birth mothers can experience their children growing up while still providing their children with an opportunity for a better life.

Building Connections Through Photographs

Birth parents are often provided with pictures and a photo album where they can watch their children grow up. The more pictures that are exchanged between you and your child, the better. It may even be required for the photos to be sent by your child's new family. Some families go so far as to have professional pictures taken. 

The Importance Of Letters

Birth parents have the opportunity to send or receive letters. This allows you to interact with your child without causing confusion and without disrupting either of your lives. For example, if your child lives on the other side of the country or of the world, it may be difficult to see your child in person.

Having Direct Contact With Your Child

In some cases, it may even be arranged that you may contact your baby directly through phone calls and visits. There is nothing better than have a relationship with your child while still providing him or her with the life that he or she otherwise couldn't have. In many cases, the interactions are moderated and facilitated by the adoption agency in order to make sure that the interactions are based on the agreement that the birth and adoptive parents had when going through with the adoption. Research has found that open adoptions increase the level of satisfaction both for the birth mom and for the child.

You are given more control over the type of life that your child will have. For instance, you will have control over holiday traditions, your child's education and the type of values that will be instilled into your child.