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What Can You Do With A Loved One's Cremains? Here Are 4 Ideas To Consider

If your loved one chose to be cremated, you are likely to be offered the cremains after the process is completed. Other than spreading the cremains out at sea, you may not know about other options. Here are four things you can do with cremains.

Bury the Cremains

You may not know this, but cremains can be buried in a cemetery plot. Typically this will cost less than the burial of a body, as less space is needed. You can also bury the cremains of your loved one on your own property and mark the spot with a monument. However, if you should sell your home, depending on where you live, you may be required to dig up the cremains and take them with you. If not, you may need to notify the new owner that there are cremains on the property.

Send the Cremains to Space

One way to honor your loved one is to send their cremains into space. Many companies offer to launch cremains into the earth's orbit, the moon's surface, and even deep space. If your loved one loved the night stars or the possibility of space travel, this might be the perfect way to disperse their cremains.

If you choose to have the cremains launched into space, check with different companies to get an idea of the services they offer. Some offer you a video of the launch, while others offer you the opportunity to track the cremains.

Create a Coral Reef

You have another option available to you if you were thinking of scattering cremains over the sea's surface: you can store your loved one's cremains underwater as part of a coral reef. Allowing the cremains to be mixed with concrete and stored underground provides a habitat for marine life. Should you wish to visit the cremains, you can scuba dive to the area where your loved one's cremains lie.

Turn Cremains into Diamonds

One way to keep your loved one with you at all times is to have the cremains turned into diamonds. The cremains are subjected to high heat for a number of weeks. This can be a way to share the cremains with other members of your family as well; you can have multiple diamonds made.

Now that you're aware of some things you can do with cremains after the loss of a loved one, use the information above to help you decide what to do. Talk to your family and determine which option will best honor your loved one. For assistance, talk to a professional like Wiebe & Jeske Burial & Cremation Care Providers.