Adopting a Child

Steps To Wining Back Custody Of Your Child

Losing child custody can be a heart-wrecking experience for you as a parent. Coming to terms with the court's decision that your child is better off in the care of someone else - be it the foster care system or your ex-spouse -  is difficult at best, but you always have a chance to get the decision reversed and win back custody.

No matter what the reason for losing custody was, getting it back is never easy, which is why you need a good child custody lawyer to help you evaluate what went wrong and how you can convince the courts that you have reformed and would be a responsible and loving parent. Here is a look at the steps to follow in your journey to winning back child custody.

Address the issues

Your first step is to evaluate the reasons why custody was taken away from you. Did you violate a court order? Were you negligent or accused of child abuse? Your lawyer will help you look at ways to rectify your mistakes in an effort to prove you are a fit and responsible parent. You may have to take parenting classes, complete a drug addiction program, make repairs to your home or even seek counseling, depending on the reason you lost custody.

If there were any stipulations laid down by the courts on your ability to recover custody, your lawyer will help you meet them. Full compliance to all court stipulations will reflect favorably on your case for recovering custody.

Request an evaluation

The next step is to request a judge for an in-home custody evaluation that looks at various variables to determine whether you are fit to regain custody. The judge will appoint a professional evaluator who will closely look your interactions with your child, the conditions of your home, and whether any laid down stipulations - such as completing counseling or seeking drug and alcohol treatment - have been met.

The evaluator's report will provide an in-depth assessment of your current suitability for custody, enabling the courts to come to a decision on what your child's best interests are.

Do everything the court asks

Compliance with the courts is vital at this point. All your actions should demonstrate that you are a responsible parent who has their child's best interests at heart. Be sure to abide by your current custody arrangement, attend all custody hearings on time and avoid rescheduling appointments with court-ordered mediators evaluating your case.

Finally, fully exercise any right to visitation you have and return the child to their current custodian on time to strengthen your argument for a winning back custody. For more information, work with an experienced lawyer from a firm like Wilson Christen LLP