How You Can Still Have A Relationship With Your Baby After Adoption

One of the hardest decisions you can make is deciding whether you should put your baby up for adoption. You may feel that you are giving up on your baby. But you are actually giving your baby a better life. You do not even have to be out of your baby's life because there are many programs available that provide you with opportunities to stay in contact with your child. [Read More]

What Can You Do With A Loved One's Cremains? Here Are 4 Ideas To Consider

If your loved one chose to be cremated, you are likely to be offered the cremains after the process is completed. Other than spreading the cremains out at sea, you may not know about other options. Here are four things you can do with cremains. Bury the Cremains You may not know this, but cremains can be buried in a cemetery plot. Typically this will cost less than the burial of a body, as less space is needed. [Read More]

Three Reasons Menopause Is Easier With Counselling

Menopause is often referred to as "the change of life" because it is a big change. Women are on a hormonal roller coaster as their bodies shift down from the child-bearing years. And while visits to the gynecologist for hormone replacement therapy and other related physical or medical reasons are common, the emotional needs and the mind-body connection during this time are frequently ignored. Here are three reasons why seeking counseling during this time can help you embrace this new period in your life. [Read More]

Steps To Wining Back Custody Of Your Child

Losing child custody can be a heart-wrecking experience for you as a parent. Coming to terms with the court's decision that your child is better off in the care of someone else - be it the foster care system or your ex-spouse -  is difficult at best, but you always have a chance to get the decision reversed and win back custody. No matter what the reason for losing custody was, getting it back is never easy, which is why you need a good child custody lawyer to help you evaluate what went wrong and how you can convince the courts that you have reformed and would be a responsible and loving parent. [Read More]