Adopting a Child

Three Reasons Menopause Is Easier With Counselling

Menopause is often referred to as “the change of life” because it is a big change. Women are on a hormonal roller coaster as their bodies shift down from the child-bearing years. And while visits to the gynecologist for hormone replacement therapy and other related physical or medical reasons are common, the emotional needs and […]

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Steps To Wining Back Custody Of Your Child

Losing child custody can be a heart-wrecking experience for you as a parent. Coming to terms with the court’s decision that your child is better off in the care of someone else – be it the foster care system or your ex-spouse –  is difficult at best, but you always have a chance to get the […]

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3 Treatments That Can Help With Social Anxiety

If you have social anxiety disorder, you may feel as though you lack control over your life. Luckily, treatments exist which can help alleviate your social anxiety symptoms. You will learn about 3 popular ones below. Exposure Therapy Exposure therapy can be very effective in the treatment of both social anxiety and other anxiety disorders. […]

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